House soup 89:-

Shredded chicken fillet, Chinese mushroom and bamboo shoots

(Origin: Hong Kong street food Wun zai chi)

Tip! If you want it a bit spicey add a few drops of the house sambal olek that is on the table


Wontun soup 94:-

Wrappings with shrimps and minced pork


Prawn crackers 38:-


Spring rolls

Vegetables 79:- (4 pcs)

Minced meat and cabbage 89:- (1 large)

Shrimps 94:- (4 pcs)


Fried dumplings with chicken 94:- (4 pcs)


Steamed dumplings with shrimps (Ha kau) 94:- (4 pcs)


Wontun with minced pork and vegetables in chilisoya sauce 94:- (4pcs)


Deep fried wontun with shrimps 99:- (4pcs)


Panko deep fried prawns with mayonnaise 104:- (4 pcs)


Prawn toast with sesame seeds & mayonnaise 104:-


Crispy duck for two with vegetables, pancakes and hoysin sauce 259:-


Hot iron-plate

(Rice included)


Yakiniku 199:-

(Sliced ribeye with sweet soya sauce)


Stir-fry fillet of beef with black pepper sauce 269:-


Fried marinated fillet of beef with garlic and pepper 269:-


Cantonese style fried prawns with shell 239:-


Stir-fry prawns with garlic sauce 239:-


Fried fillet of beef and prawns with hot chili sauce 279:-

Mid size dishes 

(Recommend 2-3 dishes per person. Steamed rice is included)


Crispy chicken with King sauce 109:-

(Sweet and sour sauce with ginger and garlic)


Deep fried prawns with sweet and sour sauce 119:-


Cantonese style stir-fry with sweet and sour sauce

Pork 109:-

Chicken 109:-


Crispy stir fry chicken in hot chili sauce 109:-


Crispy stir-fry in honey sauce

Prawns 119:-

Chicken 109:-


Grilled pork (char siu) 109:-


Stir-fry Sichuan (Spicy)

Beef 109:-

Chicken 109:-

Prawns 119:-


Stir-fry aubergine with minced meat (little spicy) 104:-


Mapo tofu (spicy)

Vegetables 104:-

Minced meat 114:-


Stir-fry vegetables with garlic

Pak choi/ broccoli or chinese cabbage 84:-

Mixed vegetables 84:- with cashew or tofu 94:-


Fried rice 54:-

Chicken or beef 84:-

Shrimps 94:-


Fried noodle

Vegetables 54:-

Chicken or beef 84:-

Shrimps 94:-


Main Course

(Rice included for stir-fry and duck)


Duck in plum sauce 224:-


Singapore fried rice noodle with shrimps and chicken (little spicy) 184:-


Fried flat rice noodle with beef 194:-


Crispy noodle with vegetables and chicken or beef  189:-


Wontun noodle soup 184:-

(Wrappings with shrimps and minced pork)


Stir-fry beef with bamboo shoot and mushroom 189:-


Stir-fry with cashew nuts

Chicken or beef 189:-

Vegetables 169:-


Stir-fry tofu with vegetables and Chinese mushroom 169:-


Three small dishes special 199:-


Stir-fry prawns with garlic sauce

Crispy chicken with king sauce


Three small dishes classic 194:-

Stir-fry chicken with cashew nuts

Stir-fry beef with bamboo shoot and mushroom

Deep fried prawns with sweet & sour sauce


Whole Peking duck 990:-

Served with vegetables, pancakes and hoisin sauce

Must be ordered 2 days in advance




Hong Kong style French toast with ice cream and chocolate sauce 99:-


Deep fried banana with vanilla ice-cream 74:-


Vanilla ice-cream with chocolate sauce 64:-


Passion fruit mochi (Ice-cream wrapped in a sweetened rice confection) 49:-